Practical Holiday Energy Efficiency Tips

December is a busy, stressful time of year, so using both time and energy efficiently makes sense and can save cents. However, good efficiency intentions can sometimes lead us astray, as demonstrated by the following tweet, posted on December 4 by @EnergySaver, an account belonging to the U.S. Department of… Continue reading

Renewables, Microgrids, and the Locational Constraints of Powering Alaska

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel by water in Southeast Alaska—that southernmost strip of the state’s rainforest- and glacier-covered territory that looks on a map as if it should be part of Canada—you quickly gain an appreciation for modern navigational tools. Especially to a land-lubber, the maze of… Continue reading

Electric Utilities Need to Make Bigger Bets

What happens when an industry born and bred for speedy risk-taking does business with an industry known for slow, cautious behavior? Eventually, the speedster will likely bypass the slowpoke to race ahead with a faster-moving partner. Increasingly, electric utilities with large customers, especially big-name technology and internet companies, are being… Continue reading

There’s No Age Limit for Innovation

Odds are you’re reading this post on a device powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Those batteries were largely invented by Dr. John Goodenough, currently a professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Goodenough, like others in the field of energy storage, realized that… Continue reading