Tools have evolved since the era of prehistoric petroglyphs, but what hasn’t changed is our human need to communicate—clearly. Right Hand Communications LLC can help.

Right Hand Communications, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is operated by Gail Reitenbach (that’s me) and has provided professional assistance to businesses, institutions, nonprofits, and individuals. Services range from brand consulting to custom content solutions for print and digital media—these days, mostly for clients in and around the power and utility industry. I also write freelance articles under my own name and client names.

I enjoyed short but rewarding careers as an English professor, book editor, and marketing communications consultant before falling in love with energy. I was named managing editor and then editor of POWER, where I spent fourteen years immersed in the business and technical developments of the power industry. I’ve also been a writer, editor, and publisher of everything from newsletters and books to websites. If you’re facing a communications challenge, odds are I’ve been there and done that successfully.

About the header image: You can find these petroglyphs near Moab, Utah, at Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument. They’re a reminder that, long after today’s digital tools have become obsolete, ancient analog communications will endure.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gail Reitenbach