People say . . .

I’ve been fortunate to work with many wonderful clients and colleagues. Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with me.

“Gail did a great job of re-designing our Company’s website. With a minimal amount of time and effort on our part, she developed an understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, the messages we wanted to send, and the audiences we were focusing on. The process was quick, economical, painless, and the result was outstanding.” (Download a homepage pdf of the site version Gail worked on.)
—William Riggins, president and CEO, Pegasus-Global Holdings, Inc.

“Gail is the best editor I’ve worked with. She’s a gifted writer and is able to bring out the best in other’s writing as well. Gail has a mind for details as well as the big picture which makes her an excellent project manager. She’s always thinking of ways to do things more efficiently and you can trust her to get things done and never miss a deadline. In addition to being smart, organized, and extremely capable, she’s a genuine and fun person to work with!”
—Kim Burke, senior program manager, Colorado Energy Office

“I like doing business with her because she says what she means/means what she says, but still leaves the door open for discussion.”
—University administrator

“We have always found you to be an excellent listener with a strong ability to organize material and present it in a readable style.”
—Foundation executive

“You get my award for the most diplomatic and insightful critic of the year.”
—Dr. Susan Lanman, author and retired professor

Thanks so very much for sending me the two versions [longer and shorter] of your story. They are both terrific! You are obviously a very gifted writer. . . . I enjoyed our interview very much.
—Marianne Wesson, law professor and novelist

“I just re-read [name’s] original and your Pulitzer prize-winning adaptation. Absolute genius!”
—Marketing manager

“Gail is one of the most talented writers and editors I’ve ever worked with. Over our many-year professional relationship, I’ve collaborated with Gail on various projects. I’d recommend her with the greatest confidence because she’s an outstanding communicator; she maintains the highest standards; and she is extremely smart, efficient, and diplomatic. Gail brings 200% to everything she takes on.”
—Jody Berman, editor, proofreader, writing advisor

“. . . which made me think back to how much I liked working with you. Each time I finish a draft report, I regret that I can no longer turn it over to you for input and creative guidance.”
—Energy industry analyst

“You do a really great job at keeping [brand] reports high quality. In fact, your touch is often THE essential ingredient. But more than that, you teach us all how to write better the next time. I’d be a really smart and lucky guy if all my coworkers throughout life taught me as much as you.”
—Former internal client

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