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A New Phase for Right Hand Reports

August 7, 2018; updated January 8, 2019

Last summer I announced the launch of Right Hand Reports—exclusive, independent power industry reports—published by Right Hand Communications LLC. This unique event report service was designed to be the ideal way to maximize your travel budget—enabling you to capture key benefits of significant industry events you can’t attend while leveraging the value of those you do attend. You’ll find details on the Right Hand Reports website.

As someone who has closely followed the twists and turns in the power and electric utility business for nearly two decades—from demand and distribution to generation—I have a keen sense of the complexities and importance of the interlocking pieces. As an editor, I know how to make strategic content selections that deliver meaningful reporting and analysis. That’s what I provided with Right Hand Reports over the past year. I selected events that promised to hone in on the most valuable intel about new and emerging technologies, practices, and business transformations.

When I told people about the service, I could see their eyes light up—as if a virtual light bulb were going off in their heads. Industry participants saw the value of independent, thorough reports on key events. Those who read and reviewed sample reports loved the content. Nevertheless, willingness to pay for extensive, high-value reporting was weak.

In our current media ecosystem, most information consumers expect content to be free—even specialized information with access and production costs. (The obvious exception is your cable or streaming video service fee!) That’s why, a year after the launch of Right Hand Reports, some elements of this new service remain, while others are evolving.

Reports produced to date will remain available for individual purchase via righthandreports.com. And you can still request a free sample report by using the Contact form on that site. Future events, however, will be covered on an ad hoc basis. Some reports may be produced in cooperation with an event organizer. Others may be made available by a report sponsor. For more information about event report options, please use the contact form.

Even as some industry events struggle or shut down, they are being replaced by new ones—mostly those feeding the need for information and discussion about emerging technologies and business practices. I look forward to seeing you at an event in the future!

Best regards,
Gail Reitenbach, PhD
Editor & Publisher

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