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Introducing Right Hand Reports — Exclusive, Independent Power Industry Reports

June 20, 2017

I’m excited to announce the official launch of Right Hand Reports—exclusive, independent power industry reports—published by Right Hand Communications LLC.

This unique event report service is the ideal way to maximize your travel budget. It enables you to capture key benefits of significant industry events you can’t attend while leveraging the value of those you do attend. You’ll find details on the Right Hand Reports website, but here’s the story in brief.

When I was managing editor and then editor of POWER, it was a rare week when I didn’t get a invitation to attend an industry event—huge trade shows, technology niche events, and “hot topic” gatherings. However, there was no way we could send someone to every event that might be interesting or newsworthy. Anyone working in or with the power and electric utility industry faces the same challenge.

But ignoring events can put industry participants at a disadvantage. In-person gatherings are often where new ideas are brainstormed or floated to test the waters. They’re also where industry leaders tend to be more open and frank than they are in press releases and interviews. Plus, the “buzz” at an event can convey a lot about the prospects for a technology, policy, or industry sector.

Even though the rate of change in this industry compels everyone to stay current, staff schedules and travel budgets often limit the number of important events that individuals and organizations can participate in. That’s where Right Hand Reports can help. As someone who has closely followed the twists and turns in the power and electric utility business—from demand and distribution to generation—for nearly two decades, I have a keen sense of the complexities and importance of the interlocking pieces. As an editor, I know how to make strategic content selections that deliver meaningful reporting and analysis. That’s what I aim to do with Right Hand Reports.

You can subscribe at https://www.righthandreports.com/. If you’d like a list of events planned for coverage in the next 12 months and/or a free sample report, simply make your request using the Contact Form. And while you’re on the site, remember to sign up for the Right Hand Reports newsletter to get event news and the occasional subscription discount code (signup forms can be found at the bottom of the Home, About, and FAQ pages).

I look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber!

Best regards,
Gail Reitenbach, PhD
Editor & Publisher

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